The Montgomery County School System provides interventions to students who are not meeting state standards. Research shows that approximately 80% of students are successful with the regular classroom approach and materials. Children have different learning styles, learn at varied rates and respond differently to classroom materials. Some students learn by hearing, some by seeing, and some by doing hands-on activities.

In order to provide the most effective education for all children, we must respond to these specific learning styles. In the Montgomery County Schools, we use a four-tier student support approach called Response to Intervention (RTI):

Tier I: The classroom teacher will use different strategies and materials so that your child is successful.

Tier II: An intervention team will review your child’s progress and design a plan of supplemental instruction which includes additional strategies and materials in his/her area of need. This plan will be implemented for a minimum of six to nine weeks.

Tier III: Many children are successful with Tiers I and II; however, Tier III is available if your child requires additional help to meet standards. This intervention is designed to provide more frequent individualized instruction for longer periods of time. Your child’s schedule may need to be changed to accommodate this additional instruction. Tier III instruction is used for a minimum of 9-12 weeks.

Tier IV: If students do not respond to the Tiers I-III interventions, it may be necessary to refer them for comprehensive evaluations. Tier IV interventions are developed for students who need additional support and meet eligibility requirements for special program placement.

If your child is identified as needing support within the RTI process, an intervention team will meet to address and review his/her needs, progress, and necessary instructional changes. You will be notified through each stage of the process and welcome your participation to ensure the success of your child.

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