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Soar Students

Scroll down to see the video of pictures from the Soar Parties. 

Each month, homeroom teachers nominate one student to represent their class as the SOAR Students of the Month. That means that these students are Striving to do their best, Owning their actions, Acting safely, and Respecting themselves and others on a DAILY basis. This is an earned award and teachers are not required to submit a name; therefore it is a huge honor to be chosen as the SOAR Student!

These students earn a treat bag, their names are called over morning announcements, and they are invited to a special SOAR lunch in the Media Center. Congratulations to our SOARing Eagles.

PK: Elaina Castro, Landon Burns, Paighten Herrera, Alexis Hilton (1st Grade)
K: Anina Osorio, Summer Demmer
1: Brylynn Wilkes, Carter Rodgers, Claire Hutcheson, Alexis Hon
2: Leslie Garcia, Dulce Paz, Monica Gracia-Lugo
3: JuQuante Phillips, Cindy Carreon, Lucas Taylor
4: Jorden Newsome, Kadan Williamson, Kimberly Holder
5: Riley White, Giselle Garcia, Gracie Martin, Omar Paz

PK: Brock Page, Sarah Stanley
K: Saul Salinas, Tyler Holder, Torrance Davis, Christopher Palacios
1: Devonte Crapps, Zelina Mendez, Jayley Henry, Ian Ferrare
2: Ayla Hardeman, Semariya Clemons, Nick Autry
3: John Corum, Dreā€™on Holland, Angel Izaguirre Zapata
4: Natalie Garrett, Sasha Jackson, Ashton Bland
5: Neal Powell, Emma Durrence, Zaylei Presgraves, Alex Cervantes-Rosales

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