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SOAR Qualifications
Each month, homeroom teachers nominate one female and one male student to represent their class as the SOAR Students of the Month. That means that these students are Striving to do their best, Owning their actions, Acting safely, and Respecting themselves and others on a DAILY basis. This is an earned award and teachers are not required to submit a name; therefore it is a huge honor to be chosen as the SOAR Student!
  • Pre-K February SOAR Students
    Scarlett White
    Juanalberto Mezquititla
  • Kindergarten February SOAR Students
    Skyler Demmer
    Macee Sikes
    Kamarion Avilez
    Caylee Adams
  • 1st Grade February SOAR Students
    Easton Thigpen
    Sarah Solis
    Shaan Momin
  • 2nd Grade February SOAR Students
    Lucas Taylor
    Jardan Johnson
  • 3rd Grade February SOAR Students
    Gracie Hutcheson
    Kaidence Haymons
    Jake Hudson
  • 4th Grade February SOAR Students
    Serenity Patterson
    Allison Flores
    Kimberlee Renfroe
  • 5th Grade February SOAR Students
    Haze Thigpen
    Berenice Ramos
    Jazmely Sanchez
    P.J. Patel