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Review Sight Words:
Wk 1- the, to, and, a, I
Wk 2- you, it, in, said, for
Wk 3- up, look, is, go, we
Wk 4- little, down, can, see, not
Wk 5- one, my, me, big, come
Wk 6- blue, red, where, jump, away
Wk 7- here, help, make, yellow, two
Wk 8- play, run, find, three, funny
Wk 9- he, was, that, she on
Wk 10- they, but, at, with, all
Wk 11- there, out, be, have, am
Wk 12- do, did, what, so, get
Wk 13- like, this, will, yes, went
Wk 14- are, now, no, came, ride
Wk 15- into, good, too, pretty, want
Wk 16- four, saw, well, ran, brown
Wk 17- eat, who, new, must, black
Wk 18- white, soon, our, ate, say
Wk 19- under, please, of, his, had
Wk 20- him, her, some, as, then
Wk 21- could, when, were, them, ask
Wk 22- an, over, just, from, any
Wk 23- how, know, put, take, every
Wk 24- old, by, after, think, let
Wk 25- going, walk, again, may, stop
Wk 26- fly, round, give, once, open
Wk 27- has, live, thank, would, very
Wk 28- your, its, around, don’t, right
Wk 29- green, their, call, sleep, five
Wk 30- wash, or, before, been, off
Wk 31- cold, tell, work, first, does
Wk 32- goes, write, always, made, gave
Wk 33- us, buy, those, use, fast
Wk 34- pull, both, sit, which, read

Review Letters and Letter Sounds: A-Z
Review Numbers: 0-50

Continue handwriting practice by writing name, numbers, letters, and sight words.
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